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Outstanding service

An air scrubber is not just a product, it is a system. As with all systems, an air scrubber is as good as the weakest part. At Farm Air, we therefore believe that a reliable service is the most important thing we can offer to our customers.

Faults are resolved quickly

Even if you regularly carry out preventive maintenance on your air scrubber, it can always happen that your air scrubber has a malfunction or that something breaks. At that moment, the service engineers of Farm Air are ready to help you.

Farm Air customers end up with the right person immediately in the event of malfunctions. You will be assisted by someone with substantive knowledge. Many small faults can be solved immediately. Should a visit by our service technician be desirable or necessary, you can be assured that it is a knowledgeable technician who will also have all common parts immediately available. Exactly what you expect from a specialist.

WWe can offer you maximum service if you have Farm Air, Uniqfill Air or Bovema air scrubber. If you have a different brand of air scrubber, we can also be of service to you in most cases.


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