For all types and brands of air scrubbers

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Specialist maintenance

Farm Air has a small specialist team of experienced technicians who are involved in the maintenance and service of air scrubbers on a daily basis. They ensure that all types and brands of air scrubbers from our extensive customer base remain in good condition.

Enforcement of the use and maintenance of air scrubbers is becoming an increasingly important priority for environmental services and municipalities. This is one of the reasons why it is important to hand over the maintenance of your air scrubber to a reliable and skilled party who can unburden you.

A fair maintenance contract

We offer our customers a maintenance contract with which the maintenance regulations can be met. Not in an expensive subscription, but at a fair hourly rate, Farm Air ensures that your air scrubber is checked and calibrated every six months.

If replacement or repair of parts is necessary, our technicians have the knowledge and parts available to do this immediately. That is the advantage of a real specialist.

The air scrubbers of Farm Air meet the maintenance regulations, but through our preventive maintenance we also ensure that your air scrubber continues to function optimally and at low operating costs.


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