An inexpensive alternative to cooling pigsties.

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Pad Cooling

Lowe the temperature in the stable

Pad cooling systems have been used in the southern countries for many years. Now that the summers in the Netherlands are getting warmer and longer, a pad cooling system is a relatively cheap and efficient way to lower the temperature in your stable.

There are various systems on the market that use paper (cellulose) pads for the evaporation of water. Farm Air uses durable plastic pads that require much less maintenance and a longer lifespan. The water is collected in a plastic collection tray, from which the water is distributed with a pump via a distribution pipe above the pads.


All materials are of solid German manufacture and are sold in various standard packages. Request more information and our price list without obligation.

The pad cooling systems are supplied as a kit and are easy to assemble yourself. If desired, Farm Air can also take care of the installation for you.

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