Van Genugten in Middelharnis

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Project Van Genugten te Middelharnis

The Van Genugten meat pigs stables at the Langeweg location in Middelharnis have been thoroughly renovated. Farm Air has equipped the renovated houses with 3 biocombi air scrubbers, according to BWL 2009.12.V1. The air scrubbing system consists of 3 large modules, with a total capacity of over 387,000 m³ of air per hour, and provides 85% ammonia reduction, 85% odour reduction and 80% fine dust reduction.


The air scrubbers are supplied in ready-to-use plastic modules. The modules are spacious, so that there is very little air resistance. On site, the modules are covered with sheet piling, so that from the outside, they appear to be integrated into the stables. The air scrubbers are centrally controlled from a free-standing control room directly above the spacious process water tank. The process water tank is equipped with bio packagings and a sludge extraction system. The bio packets guarantee proper operation. The sludge extraction system makes it easy to clean the process water well.