De Beer in Leende

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Project De Beer in Leende

We are proud to have been able to install our biocombi air scrubber on the new meat pig house of family De Beer in Leende. Partly because of the construction of this innovative stable, De Beer was included in the Top 10 Agrarisch Ondernemers van 2016. The air washer was built in accordance with BWL 2009.12.V2, with 85% ammonia reduction, 85% odour reduction and 80% fine dust reduction.


The air scrubber is fully integrated into the barn. Only the outlet is visible from the outside. Because the air scrubber is built completely above the wards, no precious space is lost. The control box is installed at a practical location in the central corridor, allowing the status of the air scrubber to be checked at a glance. The spray water from the biocombi air scrubber is also reused in the chemical scrubber of the adjacent barn.