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Air scrubber poultry

The large amount of dust (and feathers) in the air is a major challenge for poultry farms. At the moment, not many air scrubber have been placed on poultry stables. Although several air scrubbers have been recognized for the poultry, they are still quite rare in practice.

Nevertheless, an air scrubber is important for improving the air quality in your area. With an air scrubber you meet thee mission requirements of the government and you keep the number of poultry in your stable. Thanks to our experience and customized advice, we ensure that dust and springs are effectively captured from the air in the stable. This makes our air scrubbers reliable and maintenance-friendly.

With an air scrubber from Farm Air, you reduce ammonia, particulate matter and odor from your poultry stable without making concessions on the number of animals.


Customization for your poultry stable

We offer both chemical and biological air scrubbers, from standard system to specialist customization and the focus is on simplicity. By using quality parts as simply as possible which really add value, we create a simple and reliable design. In addition, our specialists adhere to the required leaflet, the BWL-recognition and regulations, as well as practical experience. As a result, our air scrubbers fit perfectly into your plans for the farm.

Together with you it is determined which type of air scrubber best suits your poultry stable and whished. With our poultry air scrubbers you are ready for a modern and sustainable business without making concessions on the number of animals.


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