Reduces ammonia, odor and particulate matter from your pigsty

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Air scrubber for pigsty

Looking fora n air scrubber for your pigsty? Farm Air has years of experience in installing, supplying, maintaining and servicing air scrubbers for pig farming. We are a family business, building and maintaining reliable air scrubbers is in our blood. Innovative developments, that are always aimed at low operating costs, are our priority.
With our experience and customization, we ensure that ammonia, odor and dust are captured as effectively as possible from the stable air of your pigsty. Without making concessions on the number of pigs.

The principles of Farm Air are:

✔  Maintenance friendly
✔  Low operating costs
✔  Little waste water


Customization for your pigsty

The new legislation means that more and more existing stables must be provided with air scrubbers. Good advice and customization is therefore increasingly important. In addition, we have developed an air scrubber per department for existing stables. Farm Air offers full service. We also perform maintenance and service on other brands of air scrubbers.

Chemical and biological air scrubbers

We supply both biological and chemical air scrubbers for pigs farms. With the air scrubbers of Farm Air you comply with the emission laws and regulations of the government.
Our biological air scrubber is designed with energy savings as a starting point. The biological air scrubber is completely without added resources or additives and works with the help of a small water reservoir. We also offer an biological combined air scrubber with the following specifications:

  • 85% ammonia reduction
  • 85% odor reduction
  • 80% particulate matter reduction

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