Air scrubber dairy cattle

Reduces ammonia, particulate matter and odor from your dairy farm

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Air scrubber dairy cattle

Looking for an air scrubber for your dairy farm? Farm Air has many years of experience in developing, installing and maintaining air scrubbers. Thanks to our experience and customization, we ensure that the material is captures from the air of your dairy barn as effectively as possible. Without compromising on your results.  

Farm Air’s principle are:

✔  Maintenance friendly air scrubbers
✔  Low operating costs
✔  Little waste water


Maatwerk: Customization: the best service and maintenance

Good advice and customization are important to meet the government’s emission standards. With the air scrubbers of Farm Air you comply with the emission laws and regulations of the government. We offer full custom service. We also offer maintenance and service for other brands of air scrubbers.


Why Farm Air is the best choice

Farm Air offers you a high-quality product, expert assembly and real service at the best price-quality ratio. We offer both chemical and biological air scrubbers, from standard system to specialist customization and the focus is on simplicity. By using quality parts as simply as possible which really add value, we create a simple and reliable design. In addition, our specialists adhere to the required leaflet, the BWL-recognition and regulations, as well as practical experience. As a result, our air scrubbers fit perfectly into your plans for the farm.
There are companies that have a little knowledge of everything. At Farm Air, which started as a small family business, we opted for specialization. And we offer extensive experience and support in one area: air scrubbers. This works well for us and certainly for our customers. Due to our specialization in air scrubber, we offer customers more knowledge, advice, practical solutions and all this at competitive prices.

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