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Farmers take care of our milk, cheese, meat, eggs and many other products that we enjoy every day. But keeping animals also emits a lot of harmful gases and substances. Farms are important to our country, but they also have to move along with the new rules on a cleaner and safer environment to live in. To greatly reduce the problems of harmful emissions, the air scrubbers has been developed. With an biological or chemical air scrubber, the emissions of ammonia, odor and particulate matter are reduced, which ensures cleaner air in livestock farming.

What is an air scrubber?

Simply explained, an air scrubber is a large filter that is placed in or behind a stable, and through which all outgoing stable air is ventilated. The filter is continuously sprayed with process water. When the process water and stable air come into contact with each other, ammonia, odor and particulate matter are filtered out of the air.
There are biological and chemical air scrubbers. In biological systems, microorganisms convert ammonia to nitrite and nitrate. In chemical systems, ammonia is converted using sulfuric acid which is added to the process water. The major difference between the two air scrubbers is that chemical device in particular reduce ammonia emissions, while the organic version also reduces odor and particulate matter.

How an air scrubber makes air from the cattle shed cleaner

Before purchasing an air scrubber, it is good to know how an air scrubber can clean the air from a cattle shed.


Biological air scrubbing systems consists of a plastic filter package over which water is continuously spayed. The filter package contains microorganisms. When the ammonia from the stable air is dissolved in the process water, it is converted into ammonium. The ammonium is broken down by the microorganisms and they convert it into nitrite and then into nitrate. The formed nitrite and nitrate is drained with the waste water, which must be done regularly. If the concentration becomes too high, the microorganisms no longer work. The waste water can be used as fertilizer.


In a chemical air scrubber water, acidified by sulfuric acid, flows over the plastic filter package. The acidic mixture then reacts with ammonia to form ammonium sulfate. This removes ammonia from the air. About 1.5 liters of sulfuric acid is required per kilogram of ammonia that is removed from the stable air. You must also purge the process water with ammonium sulfate. This waste water can be used as a mineral fertilizer for nitrogen and sulfur.

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WWhy is an air scrubber ideal for your cattle shed and the environment?

An air scrubber is ideal for your farm for a number of reasons.

1. Farm-friendly

An air scrubber makes it possible to achieve high emission reductions with only one device at a relatively limited investment.
By installing an air scrubber, no adjustments need to be made in the stable such as grids.

2. Simple maintenance
An air scrubber for your cattle shed does not require much maintenance. The air scrubber is completely automatically controlled. You should regularly check the air scrubber on a number of points and remove any contamination from the filters. In addition, your air scrubber supplier will check and maintain the air scrubber every six months. Thus, the device remains reliable and functional for a long period of time.

3. Environmentally friendly
One of the biggest advantages is that air scrubbers are good for the environment by removing toxins from the atmosphere. In the future, higher reductions and also the capture of other (greenhouse) gases will be possible, with tests which are already being carried out.

Why Farm Air is the best choice

Farm Air is the specialists when it comes to air scrubbers. With a small group of specialists, we focus entirely on the perfection around cleaner air on livestock farms. We do this through continuous development and improvement in the field of air scrubbers. Farm Air offers you a high-quality product, expert assembly and real service at the best price-quality ratio. We offer both chemical and organic air scrubbers, from standard system to specialist customization and the focus is on simplicity. By using quality parts as simply as possible which really add value, we create a simple and reliable design. In addition, our specialists adhere to the required leaflet, the BWL-recognition and regulations, as well as practical experience. As a result, our air scrubbers fit perfectly into your plans for the farm.
Technology is playing an increasingly important role in modern cattle farming. From electricity to climate, feeding systems, heat recovery and solar panels to air scrubbers. There are companies that have a little knowledge of everything. At Farm Air, which started as a small family business, we opted for specialization. And we offer extensive experience and support in one area: air scrubbers. This works well for us and certainly for our customers. Due to our specialization in air scrubber, we offer customers more knowledge, advice, practical solutions and all this at competitive prices.


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